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Community Partnership Application

  1. Community Partners Information

    To be considered for event partnership events must: 1) Be free and open to the public; 2) Be primarily cultural or educational in nature, with special consideration being given to children’s arts educational programming and those occurring during regular operating hours; 3) Be organized by a 501c3 or other nonprofit or be produced in partnership with a nonprofit other than the Springfield Art Museum. 4) Events that provide marketing opportunities for the Museum will also be considered for sponsorship. If the event is primarily a marketing opportunity, 1 and 2 above may be waived.

  2. Primary Event Contact:

  3. Partner Organization Information:

    Please complete the following section if you are partnering with a non-profit organization for your event.

  4. Event Information

  5. Will your event include food or beverages?

  6. Will alcohol be served at your event?

  7. Will there be an admission fee?

  8. Please include: 1) A description of your organization and partners; 2) An overview of the event including how it will benefit the community; 3) A description of any publicity/marketing opportunities available to the Museum; 4) Any special needs including extended or after-hours access, equipment, etc.

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