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September 17, 2022 - February 19, 2023
Weisel and Kelly Galleries

What sparks a connection between you and a work of art? Is it color? Is it form? Is it story? What moves you to look longer? 

This exhibition began with these questions, and more specifically, directing these questions towards the Museum’s collection of over 10,000 objects. 

What does our collection mean to Springfieldians? What works in the collection speak to you? What do we mean when we talk about collection connections? To seek answers to these questions, our curator invited three local artists in different disciplines – musician Jin J X, poet Kate Murr, and dancer/choreographer Sarah Wilcoxon - to tour the Museum’s vaults and look at art together. These tours, and the conversations they produced, have resulted in an exhibition that begins to investigate that ‘spark’, while also illustrating different ways in which we might connect with a work of art. 

Each artist has selected a group of objects from the collection, those works that spoke to them amongst the thousands we saw during our tours. Their selections are exhibited alongside new work each artist has created in their own medium in response to, and inspired by, the collection objects. 

Every object has a story to tell. Here are a few captured by Jin, Kate, and Sarah that we would like to share with you.   

This exhibition is the second in a series that seeks to connect disparate works in the Museum’s collection with a wide range of community members, facilitated and organized by our curator, Sarah Buhr.  

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Image Captions: 1) Detail image of a decorative urn (French), porcelain. Collection of the Springfield Art Museum. 2.) Rick Proctor, Discreet Pleasures of the Householder, c. 1974, acrylic on canvas. Collection of the Springfield Art Museum. Copyright Rick Proctor. 3.) Flatware set (dessert spoons), c. 1880, silver with silk lining and velvet case. Collection of the Springfield Art Museum.