Shawn Bitters: Burn Out

Exhibit Details

July 19, 2019 - July 2020
Art Museum Amphitheater and Phelps Grove Park

The ‘stones’ in Burn Out form a narrative; each rock is encoded, representing a letter that when joined together tell a story. The stones can be ‘read’ by moving through the landscape. The title of the work references the ‘necessary destruction’ of fire in certain landscapes such as the prairies of the Midwest. The shape of the stones is based on volcanic bombs – masses of molten rock that form when a volcano erupts.

Bitters is a sculptor and printmaker. He is an associate professor in the Visual Arts Department at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. His work explores the use of language, narratives, and belief structures to establish connections to our environment. Burn Out was first exhibited in Kansas City’s Swope Park as part of Open Spaces 2018.

The installation begins at the Springfield Art Museum Amphitheater and moves west and north through Phelps Grove Park. Burn Out is comprised of 23 stones and will be on view through July 2020 as a long-term loan courtesy of the artist. This installation is a collaboration between the Springfield Art Museum and the Springfield Greene-County Park Board. 

To decode the work, please visit the artist's website here or visit the Museum's front desk where printed copies of the key are available.

three brightly printed 'stones' on aluminum installed in an outdoor green space surrounding by

View of Burn Out installation on southwest corner of Museum amphitheatre. Image courtesy of the artist. © Shawn Bitters.

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