Master Planning RFQ

The Springfield Art Museum requests qualifications of firms or teams of firms that can provide professional services for the creation of a Master Plan for the Museum encompassing its building and grounds.  The Master Plan will focus three areas: 1) Renovation, replacement, and/or expansion of an existing Education Wing, 2) Renovation of the existing building to improve visitor experience and develop administrative spaces, and 3) Improvements to the grounds to better connect the Museum to surrounding amenities including a historic park.  While the scope of the Master Plan is limited to the Museum’s building and grounds, it should be understood in the context of a larger, multi-phased plan to link the Museum to other parts of the community through parks and trails.  This Master Plan presents an extraordinary opportunity for the selected firm to define what it means to be a municipal museum in the 21st century and to explore the use of municipal infrastructure to create greater civic and community engagement.

A full prospectus including information about the Springfield Art Museum, the existing building and site, the scope of the project, and submission guidelines and requirements can be downloaded here.

Master Plan Scope

The primary objectives of the project will be to produce a Master Plan and Concept Design at a schematic level that will include:

  • Developing a phased plan for renovation, replacement, and/or expansion of the Museum’s existing Education Wing (built in 1958) to create a more usable, flexible, and attractive Education Wing.  This new Education Wing will house flexible learning spaces, a center for STEAM Education including a maker space, improved library space, and an expanded Family Learning Center including an interactive, hands-on learning exhibition gallery.  Renovation, replacement, and/or expansion will also include the development of a more distinctive, innovative, and artistic façade for the Education Wing to create greater visibility for the Museum from National Avenue.
  • Developing a phased plan for interior renovations to create a more coherent and unified floor plan for the Museum focused on the visitor experience, use patterns and way-finding, and creating consolidated and intentional administrative spaces.  This may include the design of a separate Administrative Wing or identifying opportunities to develop administrative space within the existing floorplan.
  • Developing a phased plan for the Museum’s grounds that will create stronger connections between the Museum to its surrounding amenities (Xeriscape Garden, Phelps Grove Park, bike trails, etc.) through streetscaping, signage, lighting, improved parking and pedestrian access, the development of sculpture gardens/outdoor gallery spaces, and creating a more uniform identity.  Other key aspects of this plan will be redesign of the Museum’s parking lot, which lies between the Museum’s front entrance and the Amphitheater and Phelps Grove Park, and the development of a distinctive entry point to the Museum grounds and surrounding amenities from National Avenue.
  • Identifying additional opportunities that might make the Museum and surrounding amenities more of a destination including additional event space, food service options, community garden space, and site interpretation.
  • Providing exhibits consisting of drawings, models, etc. for fundraising purposes.

While the scope of this Master Plan is focused on the Museum and its grounds, it must be understood in the context of long-range, multi-phase plans that may include the development of a Phelps Grove Museum-Park District, the daylighting/restoration of Fassnight Creek, and the connection of Phelps Grove to other parks through trails and bike routes.  Qualified consultants will be expected to work closely with Springfield-Greene County Park Board, the Phelps Grove Neighborhood Association and Phelps Grove/University Heights residents, and other partners in developing the Master Plan.

Submission & Guidelines


August 21, 2017
Release Request for Qualifications
September 15, 2017
Statements of Qualifications Due at 5:00 pm CDT
September 29, 2017
Select finalists for interviews
Week of October 16, 2017
Finalist interviews
Week of October 23, 2017
Design team selected

The firm or team’s Statement of Qualifications shall be organized in response to the information below. Respond only with the information requested. Do not provide any designs, sketches, or conceptual ideas for the project; responses that include these will be disqualified from further consideration.  Participation of a local team member will be a consideration of the evaluating committee, as will participation on the team by individuals experienced in the types of work specifically noted above. Proposing teams must refrain from contacting individual members of the selection and evaluation committee until after a contract is executed to perform the work.

  1. A letter expressing interest in this project. Comment specifically on why the proposed project may be an appropriate project for your firm or team, and include other firm or team information that would assist us in the selection choice of an architect including how you approach projects of this type.
  2. The proposing team shall submit an Architect-Engineer Qualification response on OMB Standard Form 330 (downloadable at  
    • Part 1 shall be submitted in its entirety.  Include a separate Section E for each key individual on the proposed team, and include a Section F for each of up to 10 Example Projects.
    • Part 2 shall be submitted for each participant of the team listed in Part 1, Section C.  Part 2, Sections 10 and 11 shall be left blank.
  3. A description with photographs and/or drawings of at least three and no more than five completed projects by your firm or team that demonstrate your ability to formulate and execute a master plan that meets the project objectives as expressed in this document. At least two of these projects shall be by the key team members proposed for this project. Pages shall be formatted to print to 8-1/2” x 11”. Files are limited to 24 single-sided pages.


Submissions shall include: 1) Letter of Interest, 2) OMB Standard Form 330, and 3) Additional information including photographs and/or drawings of completed projects as described above.

Submissions shall be forwarded in .pdf format and labeled respectively: 1) (proposername)LETTER.pdf (i.e smithjonesLETTER.pdf), 2) (proposername)330.pdf (i.e smithjones330.pdf), and 3) (proposername)SUBMISSION.pdf (i.e smithjonesSUBMISSION.pdf).

Submissions shall not exceed 10 MB in size.

All responses shall be received not later than September 15, 2017 at 5:00 pm, Central Daylight Time.

The three pdf files – 1) the cover letter, 2) Form 330, and 3) additional information with photographs - are the only items that will be considered in selection of firms to proceed to interviews and presentations.

Attach Statements of Qualifications to an email message with the subject line “AMMP Submission- (proposer name)” (i.e. “AMMP Submission- Smith Jones Architects”) and forward to:


Springfield Art Museum and the City of Springfield will endeavor to maintain the confidentiality of each respondent’s Statement of Qualifications, submission to the RFQ, subject to local and state laws governing municipal agencies. Respondents shall comply with Missouri requirements for persons offering professional services in the State of Missouri.

A copy of a typical City of Springfield contract for architectural services can be found here.