Anne Lindberg: tilted sky

Threads of various shades of blue, green, and white attached to a white wall with upholstery staples

Image credit (detail): Anne Lindberg, tilted sky, 2016, Site specific installation of Egyptian cotton thread and staples. Museum Acquisition Fund with funds provided by the Southwest Missouri Museum Associates in memory of Samuel O. King. Copyright Anne Lindberg 2016. Photography courtesy of Derek Porter.

Exhibit Details

Permanent Installation
King Gallery

Over the course of 5 days in June 2016, artist Anne Lindberg installed tilted sky in the barrel vault of the King Gallery. This installation, composed of Egyptian cotton thread, spans nearly the full length of the corridor in gradated shades of color from pure white to deep blue/green. The artist’s vision is that the piece will feel like a "cloud of color" hovering just above the viewer’s space and pulling your eye up.

Anne Lindberg makes sculpture and drawings that tap a non-verbal physiological landscape of body and space, provoking emotional, visceral and perceptual responses. In her more recent, room-sized installations, she has been excited by the optical and spatial phenomenon that exists in the outer reaches of our peripheral vision.

Lindberg was commissioned by the Museum to create a permanent, site-specific work for the King Gallery; she was specifically asked to transform the architectural space from a static, pass-through like corridor, into an activated and contemplative gallery space.

The Museum has acquired the work; it will remain on exhibit long term.

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