Oct/Nov/Dec 2023

Marisol's 1975 lithograph featuring Suffragists with clasped hands.

July/Aug/Sept 2023

Newsletter Cover featuring an image of several Ramen containers stacked on each other.

April/May/June 2023

A green enamel sculpture by Sarah Perkins with 3 squat legs and bulbous shape.

Jan/Feb/March 2023

An illuminated art lamp with diagonal light patterns in shades of yellow, green, and blue.

July/Aug/Sept 2022

A watercolor portrait of a woman with a nebula reflected over her face.

April/May/June 2022

Newsletter Cover featuring Jacob Lawrence's "The Studio," a work featuring the artist in hi

Jan/Feb/March 2022

A lighted mosaic lamp in shades of blue, green, and yellow sits atop bright blue carpet.

Oct/Nov/Dec 2021

OND 2021 Newsletter Cover featuring a colorful geometric painting against a black background

July/Aug/Sept 2021

July-Sept 2021 Newsletter Cover featuring watercolor painting of concert-goers.

Jan/Feb/March 2021

Jan/Feb/March 2021 Newsletter cover featuring a grid drawing with dots and lines

April/May/June 2020

April-June 2020 Newsletter Cover featuring a glazed tile with 8 Chinese immortals in a boat.

Jan/Feb/March 2020

JFM 2020 Newsletter Cover featuring Anders Zorn etching of a couple reading together

Oct/Nov/Dec 2019

OND 2019 cover resize for web

July/Aug/Sept 2019

July-September 2019 Newsletter Cover

April/May/June 2019

AMJ 2019 Cover resize

Jan/Feb/March 2019

JFM 2019 Newsletter Cover

Oct/Nov/Dec 2018

OND 2018 Newsletter Cover

July/Aug/Sept 2018

JAS 2018 Newsletter Cover featuring Al Vesselli's "Wet," a watercolor painting of colorful

April/May/June 2018

AMJ 2018 Newsletter Cover

Jan/Feb/March 2018

JFM 2018 Newsletter Cover

Oct/Nov/Dec 2017

OND 2017 Newsletter Cover featuring Grant Wood's Approaching Storm

July/Aug/Sept 2017

JAS 2017 Cover resize

April/May/June 2017

April May June 2017 Newsletter Cover

Jan/Feb/March 2017

Jan Feb March 2017 Newsletter cover

Oct/Nov/Dec 2016

October-December 2016 Newsletter Cover

July/Aug/Sept 2016

July-September 2016 Newsletter Cover

April/May/June 2016

April-June 2016 Newsletter Cover

Jan/Feb/March 2016

January-March 2016 Newsletter Cover

Oct/Nov/Dec 2015

October-December 2015 Newsletter Cover

July/Aug/Sept 2015

July-August 2015 Newsletter Cover

April/May/June 2015

April-June 2015 Newsletter Cover

Jan/Feb/March 2015

January-March 2015 Newsletter Cover