Current Exhibitions

  1. Creating an American Identity

    Creating an American Identity

    An exhibition of American Art pulled from the permanent collection ranging from the 18th century to the present day.

  2. Anne Lindberg: tilted sky

    Anne Lindberg: tilted sky

    Artist Anne Lindberg has been commissioned to create a site specific installation in the King Gallery. The work, "tilted sky," is composed of Egyptian cotton thread and staples. Lindberg will install the work over the course of a week, on-site, beginning June 6 and running through June 10, 2016. The work will remain on long-term view as part of the Museum's collection.

  3. The Wood-Fired Kiln: A Catalyst for Collaboration

    The Wood-Fired Kiln: A Catalyst for Collaboration

    This exhibit will include the work of seven well-known local, regional, national and international ceramicists: Nina Hole, Priscilla Mouritzen, Rick Hirsch, Ken Baskin, Scott Meyer, Keith Ekstam and Jeff Johnston. The exhibit will focus specifically on work that has been created using a wood-fire kiln and will investigate the character and dynamic of the collaborations that have resulted from this very communal and social process.