1. Kara Walker is best known for her black cut-paper silhouettes that explore the painful history of American race relations and its contemporary paradoxes. Set primarily in the American pre-Civil War antebellum South, Walker questions traditional narratives of race, gender, sex and power through exaggerated truths and fictionalized events leaving viewers to unpack, sort out, and ultimately decide which elements are true. The exhibition brings together 60 works from the collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation in a variety of mediums from large-scale printmaking to metal sculpture and shadow puppetry.

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  1. Watercolor NOW 

    an acylic painting of a brightly colored papier mache horse leaning against a wall
    This invitational exhibition features work by current members of the Watercolor U.S.A. Honor Society and reflects the widely diverse thematic interests and technical skills of the artists, ranging from abstraction to photo-realism, and from still life to portraiture.

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  1. House of Art(S)

    public art structure made of graffiti panels
    Conceived and implemented by Art of Space and the curatorial staff at the Springfield Art Museum, the House of Art(S) is an outdoor museum gallery constructed from murals and graffiti panels.  This public, participatory art installation is located on the Museum grounds in the outdoor historic amphitheatre.

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  1. We're Hiring!

    The Springfield Art Museum seeks an experienced, dynamic, and self-motivated Development and Marketing Coordinator to lead the Museum's development and marketing activities.

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  1. Fri Jan. 22

    Opening Reception - The Electric Garden of our Minds: British/American Pop This exhibition is inspired by the comparison of Pop Art’s British roots and antecedents to its varied American counterparts. While artists from both countries were simultaneously united in their use of imagery pulled from popular culture (comic strips, advertisements, movies stars and pin-ups), British Pop artists were concerned with the intellectual nature of the appropriated imagery and its purposeful use towards highlighting and sublimating differences between high and low culture. American…
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  1. detail image of the interior of a 19th century pocket watch  Ventures in the Vault

    Today we examine the brief history of a William Elery model Pocketwatch made in 1863.

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  1. registrar's tools books and tape measure  What is a Registrar?

    Curator, Educator, Director...everyone has heard of those jobs in the museum. But the Registrar’s role is behind the scenes, and many people are curious about what exactly a Registrar does.

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    where you are encouraged to ENJOY, LEARN and CREATE. There is always something new and exciting to inspire you, whether it’s our expansive permanent collection or a featured current exhibit. Try sparking your creativity with one of our many lectures or art classes. Come see what SAM has to offer, then plan on coming back because enjoying, learning and creating never stop.


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